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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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Understanding Social Media

So what is it about social media that you should realise?

Is it that social media is the new SEO?

Perhaps it’s more about the fact that as a business you need to be seen to be social and to interact with your customers.

The fact of the matter still remains though that if you are not using social media, you are loosing out and allowing your competitors to take control.

Now if you are using social media marketing in your business, just how effective would you say are your marketing campaigns?

Do you actually use the social media portals to attract new customers and to build your brand online, or are you like probably 70% of all companies, just having a presence because you feel you have to!

Social Media Setup

Unfortunately having social media profiles setup and having what you think is a great social media profile, will never see you any return for the possible wasted hours that you might have spend online.

Social media is a form of marketing, and marketing requires hard work and dedication.

Time and effort has to be put into content creation, content marketing and follower vetting.

For those of us who just don’t get this, there is one thing that you should take onboard – namely that this form of marketing has become a very real and very effective way of building your brand online and developing a sound following.

Is Social Media A Luxury?

Unfortunately not!

It is and should be very much part of your marketing plan when trying to develop and build your business online.

But using social media marketing effectively and setting up your profiles  in an effective way, is not something that one should take lightly.

At Bmoozd we have a team in place that are highly trained in full social media profile and business page, optimisation and setup.

We also have the skills in place that will ensure you are not waisting your time when it comes to building an army of targeted followers for your business.

Strategies And Plans

Our strategies and social media plans are what sets us apart from our competitors.

With an effective ROI and a well placed social media campaign, you will soon realise that this is no weak form of marketing!

Start by calling us and discover just what social media marketing can do for your business.

Let us walk through a typical project

The first stage would be for the customer to decide on the type of marketing plan required for his or her business.

If you are a startup company and have limited funds, you will find the basic package more than adequate.

Social media marketing is all about interaction and sharing.

The goal of any social media marketing campaign is to mix with your target audience, help and advice them, keep them interested and at the same time hopefully generate a real brand for your business and website.

Once you have decided whats right for you we will do the following:

  • Create any social media profiles that you don’t have
  • Optimise and develop these social media profiles
  • Integrate all of your profiles into our marketing software and programs
  • Source interesting content from both your website and external sources
  • Setup a monthly marketing plan – consisting of daily/weekly posting
  • Start this marketing plan
  • Analyse your followers and build new followers
  • Report back to you
  • And analyse your profiles and suggest any changes that might be needed.

Can I justify the cost of a social media marketing management plan?

Social media marketing, just like any other form of marketing, requires hard work and perseverance.

A lot of companies are put off by the expense and with money being tight, maybe quite rightly so!

Or maybe not?

What you need to ask yourself is this –

Are you in this for the long-haul?

Do you want to truly build your business online?

Are you looking to generate more leads and generate more of an income?

Are you willing to put your faith onto what some call the new SEO!

Social Media Is Here To Stay!

Yes this is very true and even though there are a lot of doubters, the facts will always speak for themselves.

With so many companies out there trying to get seen online and with so many companies not using social media, can you afford not to use this new and exciting form of marketing?

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Social Media Marketing Is No Longer A Luxury

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