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Website Design And SEO All In One

How many business owners out there can actually say that their website looks good, works well and is fully responsive?

Our website design agency specialists will ensure that your business aspirations and needs are met by showcasing your services or products within a stunning and responsive website.

Your brand and online reputation needs to stand out from the crowd.

A boring website will do you no favours, and a non responsive website will ensure that customers leave within a few seconds.

Don’t allow your competitors to take total control!

Your online reputation and brand is at stake!

SEO or no SEO – that is the question

Getting a website built is vital, but what about SEO?

Will your business actually get seen online?

In today’s market most websites are built with very little or no attention to SEO.

As we all know, SEO is not the designers responsibility and most new website owners will come away with a website that might look and feel great, but with little or no traffic to the site, doesn’t this seem all rather pointless?

As A Website Design Agency – Why are we so different?

Our website design packages are unique in that they will have a form of search engine optimisation built into the actual website!

Who cares about search engine optimisation

For those of us that don’t know, search engine optimisation is the process of integrating descriptions, meta descriptions, titles, and keywords into your website which will give you a real heads up and allow you to concentrate on what you do best – selling your products or services online.

So whether you are a start up business or a existing business, our website packages will allow you to select what’s right for you and for your budget.

We have packages available for all niches and all business sizes. A website without optimisation is like a car without fuel.

Understanding what you will be getting

You will walk away with a fully responsive and working website – the website will include content, images and back office optimisation.

Our website pricing starts at £5000 and goes up to £20,000, depending on the type of site that you may require.

We design all types of websites including CMS and Ecommerce.

The website cost will include free hosting for the first year but not the cost of the  domain name.

Did you know that you can now pay monthly for your website?

Spread the cost over 12 or 24 months at zero percent interest – call to find out more.

But why are we so different?

Well, as already mentioned, our websites are more than just your standard website.

They include search engine optimisation, plenty of content and images and videos.

Your prices seem rather high?

Undoubtedly you can get a website from another company and you may well pay between £2000.00 and £5000.00.

Once your designer has finished, your new website will have some content, images and it will be well designed (well hopefully).

The next stage will be for you to find a content writer and an SEO specialist to continue developing your website.

More charges and more time will need to be spent, time which you may or may not have.

website design agency

We do it all for you!

As a website design agency, our websites might be slightly more expensive, however they are very different.

  • Fully optimised
  • On a secure URL
  • Loads of content
  • Plenty of images
  • Videos
  • Unique titles and descriptions
  • Integrated into your social media
  • And ready to be indexed by Google

Moving on

Once you are happy with your new site and you can see it receiving interest and some traffic, you will need to invest in a monthly marketing plan.

As we all well know, marketing is a vital part of your online business venture and without it, you will struggle.

The only type of business that may not require marketing, would be one that merely showcases their website online and that does no online business whatsoever.

This very really happens anymore, as most businesses now realise that they need a website.

This will ensure that you climb even higher up the ranking and stay there.

A typical monthly marketing plan will start at £200 per month and can go up to about  £2000 per month.

For more information please see our marketing packages and content creation packages.

All of our plans and pricing for websites can be found –  HERE

Here are a few examples of our work

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