Maximise Your Social Media!

Maximise Your Social Media!

Maximise Your Social Media!

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

✓ Connect with your audience

✓ Improve your search engine ranking

✓ Build loyalty with your customers

✓ Increase traffic to your site

✓ Fully researched content

✓ Unique content tailored to you

✓ Valuable and relevant content for your audience

✓ Better visibility

✓ More customer interaction

How important is social media to your brand?

Social media is a reliable method for building your brand.

Many companies are utilising social media and making great strides.

Traditional SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is becoming harder to do.

Social media can really push your brand that bit further, hence why it has become so popular.

Fully Managed Social Media

Let’s Start Taking Your Business To A New Level!

We help businesses worldwide reach their social media marketing goals and objectives.

Having a social media presence is essential if you want to stay in touch and connect with your customers.

Social media can be one of your strongest marketing tools.

Don’t take this form of marketing for granted.

Jump on board and discover just what social media can do for your business.

What We Offer

Some businesses have already tried to tackle this alone and have realised that, without a physical social team in place, managing their social media is a huge task.

Our social media management plans will show you how important and effective social media marketing can be.

What’s Included

✓ Multiple Posts Per Day Across All Social Networks
✓ Full Social Media Management
✓ Brand Awareness
✓ Follower Growth
✓ Social Listening
✓ Follower Vetting
✓ Facebook Advertising

Social Media Management Packages & Pricing

➥ Discover The True Power Of Social Media Marketing


  • 3 Channels including profile setup & optimisation
  • 84 Unique Posts Per Month ( 3 per day)
  • 2 Blog Posts per Month (600 Words)
  • 4 custom images per month
  • Follower Engagement and comments


  • 4 Channels including profile setup & optimisation
  • 112 Unique Posts Per Month ( 4 per day)
  • 2 Blog Posts per Month (600 Words)
  • 8 custom images per month
  • Follower Engagement and Comments (48 Hours)
  • Custom Content Plan
  • Follower Vetting
  • Social Listening


  • 5 Channels including profile setup & optimisation
  • 140 Unique Posts Per Month ( 5 per day)
  • 4 Blog Posts per Month (1500 Words)
  • 12 custom images per month
  • Follower Engagement and Comments (48 Hours)
  • Custom Content Plan
  • Follower Vetting
  • Social Listening
  • Daily Follower Engagement and Comment Interactions
  • Data Visualisations and KPIs to Demonstrate ROI
  • Retargeting Strategy
  • Monitoring Keywords
  • Competitor Benchmarking
  • 3rd Party Content Creation
  • Monthly Competitor Analysis Reports

Reaching Your Audience

Social media marketing is vital to reaching out to your audience. With 42% of the population on social media (3.2 billion people), it’s important to stand out on social media.

90% of millennials, 77% of generation X and 48% of Baby Boomers use social media, this makes it an essential platform for connecting with your target demographic.

We will build your community, set up your campaign and create quality content for your company.
Businesses are taking advantage of social media’s potential. Let our team aid your social media growth.

What This Report Will Tell You

◆ Why Should We Use Social Media?
◆ Is Social Media Free?
◆ How To Dominate The Market Through Social Media Marketing?
◆ What Is Your Target Market?
◆ What Are The Best Social Media Portals For Your Business?
◆ Social Media Facts That You Never Knew.
◆ How Businesses Worldwide Benefit Hugely From Social Media.

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Social Media Marketing Frequently asked Questions

Do I need active social media profiles to start ?

Ideally, you will have all of your required social media profiles up and running before purchasing a package with us.

We also offer a social profile creation package, whereby we will create and optimise your social media accounts, prior to starting any form of marketing.

If this is a service that you require, please get in touch.

Do I need to sign any contracts?

We don’t believe in creating complicated contracts for any of our clients.

At the same time, however, marketing takes time and is by no means a quick fix.

For this reason, we do insist on 3 months in advance for any marketing package to start.

Social Media Marketing Frequently asked Questions

How long before we start seeing results?

We should see some movement from day one, however for real traction, you will need to allow for up to 3 months.

All follower reports and follower vetting, along with social media targeting will be provided for in our monthly client reports.

Can I increase my plan at any stage?

If you feel that you need more action and require more daily tweets, more followers and more traffic from social media, please contact your support manager for a free consultation.