Social Media Training For Business

Did you know that success is driven by a healthy use of social media?
It can be used to expand and galvanise your consumer base.
Whether you are just starting to develop your brand’s social media identity
or already have some social media marketing strategies in place,
we will be able to adapt this course to suit you.
You will learn how to effectively utilise social media to engage with
your consumer base and generate new business.

What You Will Learn:

• How to successfully grow your business using social media
• How to create an adaptive social media schedule for all media outlets
• How to use social media monitoring tools and assess your success

social media training for business
social media training for business

Course Overview

Social media training for business is a bespoke course where we will use information about your company and industry in order to develop an effective social media strategy suited to you. The course will be delivered by members of our very own social media marketing team.

Our bespoke courses will allow you to further develop your knowledge of how to best use each social media platform as well as cover many of their hidden features.

You will have the freedom to choose which platforms or aspects of social media marketing you would like to focus on.

The course will last half a day and includes an additional hour of Q&A at the end of the course.

Available digitally, the adaptive nature of the course will supply you with freedom to be selective over which platform, aspect or tools you wish to focus on.

If any questions remain at the end, a Q&A will follow for an additional hour.

Platforms that we cover include:
• Twitter
• Instagram
• LinkedIn
• Google My Business
• Pinterest
• SnapChat
• TikTok

social media training for business

Social Media Training For Business

They say that Social Media is the new SEO!
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    Anyone can benefit from the use of Social Media.

    If you’re interested in other ways of boosting your company’s online presence be sure to take a look at our WordPress and SEO training packages.

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