WordPress Training for Your Business

A website is the face and first judgement a client makes on your company.
Give it the attention it deserves and gain full control.
This training will enable you to be the digital master you need to be,
giving you the tools to manage your WordPress Website and how to effectively optimise it for SEO.
By utilising both of these aspects, being discovered and used by clients will become a norm.

What You Will Learn:

• How to manage an online store (WooCommerce)
• How to optimise your content for SEO
• How to build a WordPress website from scratch
• How to track visits to your website
• How to keep your website safe and secure
• How to publish and manage blog posts
• The essentials of HTML and CSS

wordpress training for business
wordpress training for business

Course Overview

The WordPress Course is adaptive by virtue, taking into account your own experience and knowledge of WordPress website management.

From covering the use and customisation of WordPress themes to plugins, the training will provide the knowledge to create posts, understand menus and navigation and to effectively utilise cyber security.

Only lasting half a day, the ability to incorporate Sitemaps, SEO & Google Analytics and plugins will be effectively coached by a member of our WordPress training team.

All sites now come with a year’s free hosting

Also available digitally, this course comes with one year’s premium website hosting. Fast and secure, this website will go nicely alongside your slick new WordPress skills.

If any questions remain at the end of session, an additional hour-long Q&A will take place after the session.

Are you ready to take full control of your company’s website and online identity? Contact us via support@bmoozd.com or call 020 7390 0210 to speak to a member of our team.

wordpress training for business

WordPress Training

Are you looking to develop your first WordPress website?
Are you in need of specific training?
Whether it’s individual or corporate training that you’re after, we can tailor a course for you.

    What can Bmoozd do for you?

    Improve online presence

    Build your brand via social media

    Act as your one-stop marketing agency

    wordpress training for business

    Who Should Join Our Training?

    This course is suited to both those who have no experience with WordPress websites and with those who have already started using WordPress. At the early levels we believe that all members of your team should know the basics of WordPress however as things advance further the course may be well-suited to those in marketing and management positions. Regardless of the size of your business knowledge of WordPress websites will be hugely advantageous.

    Start Your WordPress Training Today

    If you’re interested in furthering your online presence or increasing your online presence be sure to look at our SEO and Social Media training packages.

    When contacting us about your WordPress training course booking please highlight:

    • Your preferred dates and time
    • The status of your current website
    • Your sector of business
    • The number of employees you would like to attend
    • The location of your business.

    wordpress training for business