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Social Media Management

Social media marketing packages for your business.

We have three packages to choose from.  Our packages have been created with you in mind and will help you develop your social media strategies, no matter what stage you are at. We also offer bespoke social media packages based on your specific needs and wants.  No two businesses are similar and this comes to light when building your social media or digital marketing strategies.  Call us today to discuss your business needs or view our packages by clicking on this link.

Content Creation

Having meaningful and interesting content on your site, is vital to your online success.  Most businesses today seem to shy away from creating interactive and meaningful content.  Our packages are designed to help your business grow and at the same time will also blend into your budget.  Feel free to call us for a free consultation and to discuss your exact requirements.  You can also view our content marketing packages by clicking on this link.

Social Advertising

Have you discovered social advertising?  If you are struggling with other forms of advertising and are seeing very little results, social advertising is a very powerful way of connecting with new potential clients.  It is highly effective and if set up correctly, can be laser targeted.  Yet another way of getting noticed via social media and at the same time helping you with revenues and building  your brand.  Our social media packages can be viewed by clicking on this link.

Staff Training

Do your staff understand the way that social media actually works?  Are they maximising your social media full potential?

More and more businesses use social media purely because they feel that they have to!  But how many actually know what social media is truly about?

Start by educating your staff on the dos’ and don’ts of social media marketing.  Our in house training packages are designed to help lead and nurture your staff into a better understanding of how social media actually works.  We will ensure that all your portals are set up correctly and train your staff to a point that they are very familiar with using and monetising your social media accounts.

Free analysis and reporting is also included.

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Social advertising has always been an area that as a company we have kept away from.  But with the help of Bmoozd, we are right on track to see some amazing results from our social media marketing campaigns.  They set everything up quickly and efficiently.

Benedict Arnold

As a company we were very weary about managing and optimising our social media portals and presence online.  We found the guys at Bmoozd to be friendly and highly informative, taking full control of our social media accounts.

Deborah Quagmire