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WordPress Premium Support

WordPress premium support from Bmoozd is designed to give you totally peace of mind. We understand just how frustrating it can be to maintain a website and to ensure that it runs according to plan. Our WordPress support services run 24/7 and are available online, via email or via telephone.

It is hard enough to run an online business, without having to worry about failed plugins, broken themes, slow websites, or badly written code.

Our WordPress premium support is broken down into two different elements, namely a monthly subscription, or one-off credits. The choice will really be down to you.

Monthly WordPress Premium Support Credits

Our monthly WordPress premium support, will give you total peace of mind. Never will you have to worry about failed websites, never will you have to worry about getting hacked, and never will you have to worry about broken pages or any downtime.

Pay as You Go WordPress Premium Support Credits

If on the other hand you are just in need of some quick fixes or handy and helpful advice, our pay as you go credits will work very well. Remember that each credit is a specific task or job, and no matter how long it takes, you will only ever pay for that one credit. So as an example, let’s say you purchase a single credit as your plugins need updating, or are even failing. We will review, fix and update all plugins and ensure that your site works well with no issues.

Our WordPress experts have you covered


24/7 WordPress Support

Plugin Updates

Comment Management

Content Management

Theme Updates

Speed Monitoring

Security Scanning

Database Backups

Website Speed Check

Website Sitemap Check

Website Robots.txt Check

Page Titles Check

Meta Description Check

Image Descriptions Check

URL Canonicalization Check

Installing New Plugins

Troubleshoot Plugin Issues

Troubleshoot Contact Forms

Install New Contact Forms

Troubleshoot FTP Access

Installing New Themes

Designing New Themes


Worried about expensive monthly costs? Concerned about issues with your WordPress website? Welcome to our Pay As You Go WordPress Credits. A great way of getting all WordPress issues solved, within 24 hours and at a cost that you can control.

Never Forget That Each Task Costs Just One Credit – Irrespective Of The Time Required To Complete – Includes Full Site Recovery
Wordpress credits

All Wordpress issues solved within 24 hours

- Full backup and recovery service available
- You pay for the credits that you need
- Dedicated Wordpress managers
- No job too big or too small
£7.20 (tax)
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WordPress Premium Support – Offering You Only The Best!


Are you worried about your website performance? Is your site being seen online? Our specialist team will evaluate your website and ensure that it is being indexed by Google. Full analysis and performance related issues ironed out.


Permalinks, updating databases, updating themes and child themes, sorting out ht.access issues and issues with robots.txt files – all dirty work? Conflict issues with plugins? Website slowing down badly due to dodgy plugins? Our WordPress experts handle all of these in their stride!


Now believe it or not, Themes need maintenance. Whether it’s updating a current theme, or adding additions to your current theme, these are tasks that will need working on and that if not handled in the correct way, can and will break your website. So why not leave this all to our WordPress experts, allowing you to continue with what you know best – your business!


WordPress sites are built for SEO. But how many websites are actually using this to their full advantage? We will analyse your SEO for you and let you know exactly what needs doing to achieve maximum exposure online. (Actual SEO work is not included in credit for analysis).


Start With A Monthly Plan For Total Peace Of Mind

Premium WordPress Support For Under £1 a Day

Our monthly ongoing plans have been designed for larger websites and for companies that realise just how important it is to maintain and keep a website health. Did you know that ignoring updates and leaving a website to chance, will result in total corruption and inevitable downtime. Can you afford to loose your online business?

wordpress premium support

Our monthly plans cover all of the above and more. Our team of WordPress experts, carefully monitor your website on a daily basis. They ensure that everything is in order and if it isn’t, they will fix it as part of the monthly service. Along with website maintenance and monitoring, they constantly check for any related spam issues, thus ensuring that your website never goes down.

Credits costing you too much? 

Why not swop to our monthly plan
Just £29.99 per month

Can be cancelled at any time

“This is a monthly subscription which can be cancelled at any time. All support will be stopped upon cancellation. We now accept all debit cards, all credit cards.”