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Give Your Gym

Our premium WordPress themes are designed to be mobile friendly and optimised for speed.

The Look & Feel It Needs

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“If you are struggling to find that perfect match for your new business, a premium theme from Bmoozd is definitely the way to go.”

technology | hotels | travel

Technology Websites

Let’s take the headache away from expensive designers, forget about badly written website coding. Our themes will allow for total piece of mind.

 Are Part Of What We Do Best

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startups | product launches | construction

The Music Industry

Worried about copyright laws? No need, as you will own it all.

Just Loves Our Style

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The market has definitely changed, and now it is quite acceptable to use a theme for your new business, in fact more and more customers are now coming to us for just that!

“All of our themes come with the correct technology in place, making sure that every bit of code and imagery will be unique to you.”

1 years free hosting | 1 years free ssl

You Select, We Build

We have already done most of it for you!

It’s As Easy As That

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Everything is in place to allow you to launch that new or existing online business.

So let’s not worry about copyright, let’s not worry about mobility, let’s not worry about speed.
Instead concentrate on what’s important, that of launching your business online.

Every WordPress Website Is A Theme

You didn’t know that one – now did you?

Let’s look at some hard facts here – whether a developer builds a site for you from scratch or not, some sort of a website theme is required to make the website work and function well.  The only difference between what we are offering and what a developer offers, is more of a exact design and far less work for you.

Looking to keep startup costs down? Looking for free hosting and a free SSL included?

This is where a WordPress theme from Bmoozd, would work very well. Once purchased, you will be able to style, adapt and change any part of the theme that you feel needs changing.

You choose the theme – our friendly team installs it for you – and the rest is up to you.

Very little, if any technical knowledge is required.

All of our themes are made for businesses that just want to get up and running and with the minimal amount of stress or downtime.